Cataphora 2000
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BAICCHI, A. & BRUTI, S. «Cataphora in Written and Spoken Discourse: Two Different Markedness Values», paper presented at the 5th ESSE Conference in Helsinski, August 2000.

BRUTI, S. «Cataphora in Spoken Discourse», paper presented at the V conferenza internazionale della ESSE, in Helsinski, August 2000. [To be published in K. Aijmer & A. H. Jucker (eds.), Discourse Patterns in Written and Spoken Corpora, Tübingen: Niemeyer.]

BRUTI, S. «The Functions of Cataphora in Spoken English», First Pavia Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics, Pavia 24-25 novembre 2000.

JESCHENIAK, J. D. «The cataphoric use of spoken stress in narratives», Psychological Research 63-1 : 14-21.

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